Adding OptionWeb in the comparative brokers forex

We have just recently added the broker OptionWeb to our comparison of forex brokers. Let’s take this opportunity to remind you of what is this comparison, which is OptionWeb and why choose this kind of broker to practice trading.

Comparison of forex brokers

Comparison of forex brokers has been produced and made available to visitors on our website in order to help them to choose a forex broker serious through which to speculate on the money markets and other financial markets. Comparison of forex brokers includes more than a hundred criteria to compare forex brokers among them, for example at a glance we can see which are recommended brokers and regulated, since which year their respective society is established, what licenses do they have, what trading platforms do they offer to the traders what is the minimum deposit the broker or what markets is it possible to treat through her.

Once a forex broker that attracts your attention, for example the broker OptionWeb, just click on his name in order to land on the in-depth review of the broker who will provide you with more information about it.

The broker OptionWeb (CFD account protected)

The broker OptionWeb owned by Lionsman Capital Markets Ltd and is part of the forex brokers regulated, it is registered with several financial regulators including the AMF and the CySEC. OptionWeb and NessFX belong both to the same company and have a lot in common, including the mode of trading CFDS-protected “, this type product and trading account has been put in place, in particular because of the new investment law Fir II. Some brokers do not offer protection important enough to their traders, and when market conditions are exceptional, we have already seen some cases of traders lose more money than they had in like funds with their broker, especially during the surge of the Swiss Franc in January 2015. The CFD protected allows you to see its stoploss executed regardless of the market conditions and the volatility and a trader can not lose more money than the sum that he has decided to commit on his trade in case the market “explodes” in the opposite direction of his trade. The CFD protected is a big plus point and a competitive advantage over other brokers in the industry. Note that opening an account OptionWeb is possible from 200€ deposit, to open an account NessFX, to win his ticket to participate in the contest of trading monthly in which is particularly set in a iPad Air 2.

The Warranty Forexagone

When a trader opens his trading account with one of the brokers listed on the site (and thus passing through one of the links provided there), then it is Guaranteed Forexagone. This warranty is intended to protect the interests of traders and their capital, in case of any problems encountered by a trader eligible for the warranty, our team will handle the dispute and will play his relations and contacts with the broker in question in order to find a swift solution to the problem in question. The Warranty Forexagone has proved its worth on several occasions and costs nothing, so it would be a shame to deprive them of this benefit that give many of the brokers that OptionWeb.

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