A techniques – some tips

Design a simple techniques that is easy to hold on to. Make it simple and keep it in unnecessarily. Ensure that investeringsmetoden fits your personality, your desire for return and the level of risk you can live with. Don’t bother how others act. Go your own way.

Other important points can be:

-Think long term and invest regularly – the very cornerstones to profitable stock investments

-Buy and keep

-Buy cheap and keep for longer

-Buy cheap and sell expensive

-Keep the good shares and sell the bad – is as true for professional investors as for retail investors

-Buy good stocks and have patience – If you don’t have the patience, you can’t achieve anything anywhere

-Purchase shares other hate

-Double the value of the shares on the five years

The important thing is that you find a way to describe your own techniques, so that it is easy to stick to. It should be a help for you, so that you can more easily stick to your method and just make the decision that is in line with the. If your techniques are long-term, you should not worry about short-term movements on the stock exchange. Take also happy with the things that you should avoid.


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