4 tips to succeed in the market

Before we dive into the fascinating world of trading, should we expect some of the truths that we find in the beginning of our path on the market and will protect us from many unpleasant moments.

Trade can be seen as a way to make money fast, due to the relatively low inträdesgränsen. Despite this, the more experience of investeringsvärlden surely show that trade in fact is a never-ending training to manage the risks and the market. I have drawn up some basic guidelines any beginner.

The basics

The first thing you need to be familiar with in online trading is that unlike traditional investments, you buy the actual assets. By trading in the foreign exchange market to buy or sell you instruments, CFDS (Contract for Difference). You go in a gain or loss depending on whether your valuation of basinvesteringarna goes up or down. In most cases, the entire process in a fraction of a second, so when you place an order, it works as if you would be on a real market.

When referring to beställningsfrågan, it is worth mentioning the two most important order types in financial markets. The first is stoppförlusten and the other is the profit. A stoppförlustorder is responsible to limit the investors ‘ losses if the forecasts are not successful. By using this order you will be able to determine which part of your deposit you are willing to risk with your investment. The concept of vinstlösning is the same but is referenced to the gain – order gives you the opportunity to decide the price as its due to close your investment with profit.

On the market you can choose one of those two-pages – long or short. By staying on the long side of the market you will strengthen the buyers ‘ side, i.e. you will be liable on demand for the selected instrument. By contrast, open a short position on a particular instrument, you will benefit from a reduction of its valuation.

Knowledge is power

Traders must be well informed because it is crucial to make the right marketing decisions. By keeping the hand on the pulse, read important notices, decisions and news, we will be able to operate in the market in a rational way.

Depending on the type of instrument you choose so, there are many online macro-calendars can provide valuable information to you. When a large bank (for example, the u.s. central bank) announces changes in the level of interest rates, affects the it usually drastically reduced the valuation of its currency and the currencies that are correlated with it. You can always stay informed by subscribing to the newsletter.


In contrast to classic investment where there is usually a low return, is traders with shorter time periods. Some of them open and close transactions in just a few minutes, which gives a small profit, however, is multiplied by the volume of transactions and can provide a lucrative payout. Others allow, in turn, that their transactions will remain until a handelssession. This group of traders expect the daily volatility of the different types of shares traded on the market.

Remember, however, that the replacement of an asset can affect the price of another. Therefore, an important part of the trade to be a suitable diversification of the investment portfolio. The logic behind this postulate is simple – don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as the old saying goes. As with the eggs, so you should be careful not to invest everything on one card.

Start with virtual money

Most trading platforms or Forex brokers make it possible to create a virtual account, a so-called demo. Use this option! If you are just starting your investeringsäventyr it may be a good idea to risk virtual money and to get a sense of those different markets, instead of throwing you deep into the real world. This approach allows you to find the right form of trade, and determines the level of risk that suits you. To choose among thousands of different assets, you can easily seek to act on any of them then you don’t lose anything with them virtual money.

However, it is true that after your first success you will begin to consider entering the market with real money – but beware of the ”gamble of the mind” and let yourself get a little more experience. If you are coming into the market with the right baggage and experience, you will have a much better chance to get profit without unnecessary risks.

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