4 events that are expected to impact the dollar AUD

The australian dollar is expected to have a busy week. Four publications of a high rank correlation with the australian dollar, are, in fact, expected. To help you optimize your intake of pips on the forex, we will detail in this article.

GDP in the first quarter of 2017
Tomorrow, we will already have a more precise idea of how the dollar AUD could change with the publication of the GDP of the first quarter. Analysts expect a low gain of 0.2%, a much slower pace than the expansion in the previous period (1.1 per cent).
The growth of Australia has relied heavily on household spending in the fourth quarter of 2016. In the first quarter of 2017, the consumer activity has slowed down considerably and this should weigh on the overall performance of the country.

Trade Balance australian
To the extent that the australian economy is dependent on commodities and trade, it is understandable why the publication relative to the balance of trade leads to usually the reactions on the foreign exchange market. It is the one component relative to exports that often attract the most attention.
The figures for the month of march showed strong gains then the traders will wait to see if those April are also good. If that was the case, this could symbolize a beginning positive for the second quarter of 2017, good news for fans of dollar AUD. This being said, according to the analysts, the trade surplus is expected to spend $ 3.11 billion AUD in march to 1.91 billion in April due to the slowdown in demand from trading partners of Australia.

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