38 tips for you who just started to trade

I have a small notebook where I have through the years written down everything I heard about the trading, all of which enlightened me. I would like to share with me of these thoughts. All the thoughts should be taken with a pinch of salt.

If you are targeting less than 5 pips regularly, the commissions and spreads that can eat up your balance in your account.

You absolutely must find a valve to release the pressure and adrenaline – training, food and beverage, painting, all that is to help.

Find a mentor that you believe in.

Your trading style must fit your personality and your lifestyle / cognitive dissonance gets the better of you. Meditation e.g. does not work for me.

Don’t trade more than 4 hours per day, but on the 4 hours take with all the focus you can bring to the table.

Over-trading is your death. When you are comfortable do you miss a move and you will be profitable.

Let it turn, let the price to create the structure, then come in, with structure protection in the back. The system does not jump / customize the system you select is according to your needs.

Don’t trade överlevererad. Yes, it is possible to make a small account into a large account, but don’t expect it to happen over night.

Some are faster, some are slower, some will never get it.

Risk per trade is a function of the volatility in your strategy and your psychological ability to handle fluctuations in your equity. You must know exactly why you trade and what you want to achieve – what career path is yours?

Daytrading is not easier than swingtrading or vice versa. Both simply require different skills, different abilities (yes, some people are just too slow for daytrading), and various förberedelsesrutiner.

Trust your gut feeling. Do you love the trade? Run. Love is not? Stay outside. No pain, no gain.

Demohandel is okay, but don’t do it for long. You will lose the rest of your life if you want to be a trader. It is a part of the game.

You just need to a profit.

Listen to music during trading – know yourself. If I listen to aggressive music in the car, I will push the pedal harder.

Have a handelsdagbok.

Work on your psychology, but do not underestimate the knowledge, power. Work hard, was more confident. Most of the psychological problems will be solved.

Try everything you can in the beginning. Every market, every strategy, every style. How can you know what fits your personality if you don’t know what is out there?

Decide for yourself.

Once again: review. REVIEW! You need an effective återkopplingsslinga or so you will make the same mistake again, and again and again.

You don’t need to be intelligent to be a trader. The best traders I know are ”normal”. They do what works, they have no ego, and they ignore what doesn’t is useless to them.

No monetary goal. Only process-oriented goals.

Do not look at your P & L during your handelssession. During the session, the money is in your account and must be spent in order to acquire more ammo, if that makes sense.

Trading with the trend is not easier than trading against the trend. Trading with the trend is the last thing I learned.

If you want to pay for training, do your research. It is very possible to distinguish svindlarna from the real traders.

If something sounds too good to be true, run away from there as fast as you can.

Never forget to be grateful at the end of the day. You get the chance to earn money through the click of a mouse. How many people on earth can say that?

Full time-trading can be a social nightmare.

Keep up your livbalans.

Find other mental challenges for your brain.

Trading every day but to read a good novel once in a time will make you crazy.

Twitter is actually a really good place to learn trading and to join the great minds, unlike most forums where 95% of the postings are garbage. In the same way, there are lots of videos on Youtube with pretty good content.

You need to find a way to separate the good from the bad. Trading is a game. Do you want to be a professional player? Decide for yourself.

A structured förhandlingsrutin is one of the best things you will ever do in your career as a trader.

Take your time to create and establish the.

Learn your basic and classic prismönster the head and shoulders, triangles, etc It takes a week to get them all in your head and you will take advantage of the knowledge in the coming years.

Select never the tops and bottoms. Take the middle of the movements – your results will improve.

Believe in your abilities and trust your strategy.

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