3 tips for negotiating positions more important

Increase the size of its positions is an important step for the traders in the forex market. To help you to evolve in this direction so serene, here are a few tips.

Make sure that your results are in the green
Before increasing the size of your positions and consequently your risk exposure, make sure that your activity is up to now profitable. In other words, make sure that your trading account is in the green. If you feel ready psychologically to take positions more important but that your trading account is in the red, start by securing the latter. Enlarge the size of your positions would involve, in effect, a rout more important.

Start gradually and stable
The precipitation leads to nothing then gradually increase the size of your positions. The gradual approach is the key to success on the forex that is why we recommend that you move forward by small regular increases, you’ll adapt better to the risks become larger.

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